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A Comprehensive List of Documents to Check Before Purchasing a House - Navkar City

A Comprehensive List of Documents to Check Before Purchasing a House

Buying a home is an exciting but intimidating process. One of the most important steps in the process is making sure you have all the necessary documents before signing on the document. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of documents you should check off before purchasing a home. Let’s take a look at what these are and why they are so important.  

List of Documents to Check Before Purchasing a House 

  • Land-use Certificate  

A land-use certificate gives an overview of how the land may be used based on its zoning classification. This document can be obtained from your local government office and will tell you if there are any restrictions for the given property. It’s important to make sure that the use of your new property meets your expectations and does not violate any local regulations or laws.  

  • Occupancy Certificate  

An occupancy certificate is issued by local authorities to certify that a building complies with all safety standards and other regulations set by state and/or local governments. It also confirms that all infrastructure facilities such as water, sewerage, drainage, etc., are available in adequate quantity on the site where it will be used. An occupancy certificate is essential when buying a house as it guarantees that everything complies with legal requirements, thus protecting your investment in case something goes wrong after purchase.  

  •  Allotment Letter 

This letter from the builder or housing society confirms that they agree to transfer ownership rights over the property being purchased. The allotment letter should include details such as the names of both parties (buyer and seller), the address of the property, size, specifications, etc. 

  • Certificate Of Commencement 

This document is issued by local bodies upon completion of construction work on a project which certifies that all rules and regulations were followed during construction work on the property being purchased. 

  • Completion Certificate 

A Completion Certificate is issued once construction work has been completed according to rules and regulations set by local bodies in an area; it certifies that all requirements have been met for the occupation or use of the building being purchased by the buyer(s). 

  • Building-Buyer Agreement 

Also known as an agreement for sale, this document outlines conditions between buyer(s) and builder/seller regarding ownership rights over properties being sold/purchased. It should include details such as names/addresses of both parties, description/size/specifications of property, terms & conditions between parties, etc., as well as signatures from both parties signifying agreement with those terms & conditions stated in it. 

  • No Objection Certificates (NOCs)  

No objection certificates are issued by relevant government departments such as those responsible for electricity, sanitation, water supply, etc., to confirm that all laying of cables or pipes during construction has been done according to applicable rules and regulations. These certificates serve as proof that no objections were raised against any proceedings related to construction work carried out on the property in question.   

  • Sale Deed Registration 

This process registers legal claims made by buyers over properties they purchase; it also serves as evidence for ownership rights when used in court proceedings related to those properties (if needed). 

  • Possession Certificate 

This document serves as proof that possession rights have been transferred from seller(s) to buyer(s) after completion of sales deeds; it includes details such as names/addresses of both parties involved in the transaction & address/description/size/specifications of the property being purchased. 

Conclusion:  Before purchasing a house, it’s important to check whether you have obtained all the necessary documents pertaining to it. Make sure to check the list of documents to check before purchasing a house. These documents will help ensure that everything is legally sound when you sign on when purchasing your dream home! You can buy your dream home at Navkar City.

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