नवकार मंत्र : नमो अरिहंताणम । नमो सिद्धाणं । नमो आयरियाणं । नमो उवज्जायाणम । नमो लोए सव्व साहूणम । एसो पंच नमुक्कारो, सव्व पावप्पणासणों । मंगलाणम च सव्वेसिं, पढमं हवई मंगलं ।
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Importance of Linking Aadhar for Property Registration

When the government stated that all Indian properties will be linked to Aadhar, it was viewed as a critical decision. As a result, a central database of ownership for each and every property would be created. This, in turn, would aid in determining if a property owner is correctly paying all taxes and whether his or her income justifies property ownership. If it does not, the government has the authority to seize the property as a benami asset. Of course, connecting all properties to Aadhar will take time and will necessitate the assistance of state governments.

Mandatory use of Aadhar

Using an Aadhar card to register a property in Jodhpur is a calculated step to combat the problem of black money in real estate transactions. From opening a bank account to obtaining a PAN card to obtaining an LPG connection, Aadhar is necessary evidence of identity. The present government intends to make real estate transactions based on the Unique Identification Authority of India mandatory. Property registration requires that all purchasers and sellers have a valid Aadhar number. Sections 32 and 32A of the Registration Act are also expected to be amended by the government.

This means that everyone presenting registration paperwork to a state sub-registrar will be required to register for Aadhar. The property is transferred to the buyer once the buyer provides the Unique ID and other biometric details during the registration process, which uses biometric technology. The Aadhar-linked registration system was reported to be in use on a trial basis in numerous Indian states in the second half of 2017. All proprietorship paperwork submitted through online platforms was cross-verified by local officials, who also linked the documents with the unique Aadhar number.

Importance of Linking Aadhar for Property Registration-Transactions Will Be Easier With Aadhar

All sub-registrar services have been linked to Aadhar servers to make data extraction during property registration easier. Furthermore, because Aadhar is already linked to people’s bank accounts, the procedure of buying or selling a home, completing real estate transactions, and obtaining home loans would be greatly simplified. What happens if a person loses or doesn’t have an Aadhar card?

Aadhar Card has been misplaced, stolen, or is missing

There’s no need to get a new Aadhar card or number if you have lost or misplaced your old one. All you have to do is go to your city’s nearest Aadhar center and present biometric information, as well as proof of identity and other documents. A card with the same Aadhar unique number will be supplied to you. You should apply for an Aadhar card right away if you don’t have one already. However, you can file the property sale deed using your temporary Aadhar number, which is essentially the Aadhar Enrollment ID, even if you don’t have a permanent Aadhar number.

Why Is It Important To Get An Aadhar?

You must apply for the card online and present the acknowledgment receipt to the sub-registrar if you do not already have a temporary number. You must return to the office to get your Aadhar card eKYC-verified after receiving it. The government may soon make property linking a legal requirement. Following demonetization and GST, it would be the “next big shift.” As a result, having your Aadhar card on hand is highly recommended.

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